Basics of Electronics ... a "Toybox"

This is a set of simple tools to allow students to better understand some of the very basic concepts in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. They are not at all exhaustive and are chosen to fit the material taught by Alan Murray in the School of Engineering in the first-year courses Engineering 1 and Electrical Engineering 1.

I hope you find some amusement, enlightenment and motivation in these. Please email Alan Murray with comments and suggestions for eventual improvement. All of them are, of course, modifiable by you, so you can make them better, or worse, yourself. The spreadsheets are "protected" so that the casual user can only change selected numbers, but you can unprotect your copy and then have your wicked way with it. If you create anything you're especially proud of (or alternatively find similar useful "toys" elsewhere), please let me know. If you find stuff that's legal and useful, please pass it on.

Please note - these simulations work on a Windows machine.

The slider controls etc can behave in a silly manner if you change resolution without rebooting your machine (eg by docking/undocking it or by using a data projecter).

This is a well-known "feature" of Excel(!) and it is cured by rebooting the computer plugged into whatever you do or do not want it plugged into.

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The Basics of Electronics - A Toy Box
Slew rate simulation
Slew rate simulation