Electromagnetics ... a "Toy-box"

This is a set of simple, almost crude, e-learning tools, still under development by Alan Murray, to support electromagnetics teaching in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. The tools are based around easily-available programmes such as Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint to maximise their usefulness on computers without exotic software.

You should be aware, however, that Excel is not really a suitable tool for this. However - they are ubiquitous and it is surprising what can be done by way of simple illustration to allow a student to "play with" a circuit or a mathematical/engineering concept.

Please note - these simulations work on a Windows machine.

The slider controls etc can behave in a silly manner if you change resolution without rebooting your machine (eg by docking/undocking it or by using a data projecter).

This is a well-known "feature" of Excel(!) and it is cured by rebooting the computer plugged into whatever you do or do not want it plugged into.

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Further Information

Image of a toy box, overflowing with teddy bears
Electromagnetics - A Toy Box
Stub matching - simulation
Stub matching simulation
Finite difference methoids for field mapping
Finite difference methoids for field mapping